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  • Amercoat 235 Multi-Purpose Epoxy


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    • Exceptional corrosion protection in salt and fresh water immersion and corrosive chemical environments
    • Surface tolerant, lowers the cost of surface preparation
    • Excellent adhesion to tight rust
    • Good adhesion to damp surfaces
    • Low temperature cure, cures down to 0°F (-18°C)
    • Fast dry-to-recoat
    • Self-priming
    Low solvent content meets VOC requirements, reduces the chances for film pinholing and solvent entrapment at the substrate-coating interface, often a major cause of coating failure with conventional epoxies and lower solids systems.

    Typical Uses

    Tank Linings and Pipe Coatings
    • Ballast tanks
    • Bilges, wet voids and drainage pipes
    Ships, Offshore and Marine Structures
    • Above and below-water hull areas
    • Decks and superstructures
    • Multi-purpose repair coating
    Fabrication and New Construction
    • Speeds up production, even at low temperatures
    • A single multi-purpose, surface-tolerant coating
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  • PPG Dimetcote 302H Green Resin


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    • Can be topcoated as soon as Dimetcote 302 is solvent free
    • Outstanding resistance to water, weather and abrasion
    • Superior performance on marine hulls, decks and superstructures
    • Resistant to dry spray, mudcracking and topcoat bubbling
    • Easily applied by airless or conventional spray and brush
    Typical Uses (with suitable topcoats) INDUSTRIAL - Structural steel, machinery pipes, and tank exteriors in paper mills, oil refineries, power plants, chemical process and waste treatment plants. MARINE - Decks, hulls and superstructures of ships, barges and workboats. Piers, offshore platforms and related structures.
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